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International supply chain of fruits and vegetables - pishgaman-rastak group
pishgaman-rastak group

International supply chain of fruits and vegetables

Supply of fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables with reasonable prices and excellent packaging



Here you can see the collection of fruits and vegetables that we have for sale
Fruits and vegetables are of high quality, grown in the best conditions and are healthy. We have grown these in the best farms and it is prepared for you to enjoy.

By buying from us, you will have a profitable business because you will receive a high quality product and a low price. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you will receive quality, freshness and health.

Fresh fruits and vegetables for sale
۱٫ Apples (red, green and yellow)
۲. Grape (fresh – raisins)
۴٫ Apricot
۵٫ Figs
۶٫ Orange
۷٫ potato
۸٫ onion
۹٫ Garlic (fresh and dried)
۱۰٫ Tomatoes (fresh – dried – tomato paste)
۱۱. Cucumber
۱۲٫ eggplant
۱۳٫ Celery
۱۴٫ Lettuce (Romano – Iceberg)
۱۵. Bell pepper
۱۷٫ Pear
۱۸٫ Melon
۱۹٫ Strawberries
۲۰٫ Mushrooms


Dried fruits and nuts

۱٫ Apple
۲٫ Kiwi
۳٫ Pear
۴٫ Apricot
۵٫ Aloe
۶٫ Banana
۷٫ Melon
۸٫ Raisins
۹٫ Strawberries
۱۰٫ Orange
۱۱٫ Figs
۱۳٫ Mango
۱۴٫ pineapple
۱۵٫ Papaya

۱۷٫ Pistachio




Contact us for details and order:     +۹۸۹۲۱۳۳۸۴۷۳۹  –  +۹۸۲۴۳۳۷۹۵۰۸۹      rastakco@iran.ir