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International Oil & Petroleum  Supply Chain - pishgaman-rastak group
pishgaman-rastak group

International Oil & Petroleum  Supply Chain

Sale of oil, fuel and petrochemical products

Have a successful and profitable long-term business with the scientific, logistic and specialized services of Rastak Pisgaman Holding!




International oi;  Supply Chain

Supplying more than 2,000,000 Mt of urea within 18 months and more than 3,400,000 Mt of different types of oil &fuel as well as delivering to various destinations in the world from Western Europe to the Pacific and Africa proves the ability of Olga Global, with the benefit of specialized personnel in trade, shipping and transportation. And extensive banking and financial connections have a high ability in international trade

   Profitable trade

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Supplying urea :Urea, as a petrochemical product, plays an important role in food production and agricultural development, Olga Global  has established extensive relationships with the most important urea production companies in the Middle East and has important business infrastructures in the field of continuous supply of urea.

Oil Supply chain

Cooperation with oil companies and refineries

The supply of oil and oil derivatives, as well as the continuation of the supply of these products, contributes to economic growth and development and the spread of peace in the world. Olga Global has special privileges with strategic cooperation in peaceful oil trade. It is planning and trying to develop Activities and sales are in this section.

Over the years, Olga Global has excellent experiences in the field of cooperation with reputable companies such as Lukoil,encana ,imperial oil, Bashneft , Pardis Petrochemicals, Khorasan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Kermanshah. It is also one of the main exporters to the Middle East countries in the field of agricultural products, including grains, meat, and flour.
















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